SBU Virtual Club on BBO – First Event Tuesday 2nd June 7pm

The first event in our new SBU Virtual Club will be match-pointed pairs, Tuesday 2 June at 7pm, comprising 24 boards in 2 board rounds.

Registration and payment in BBO$ will be taken on the day within BBO.  The entry fee for this event is an introductory 2BBO$.  Proceeds will be used to train online tournament directors for SBU Affiliated Clubs.

Registration will be accepted only from those who have completed the form to register their BBO username with SBU, by 6pm on Monday 1 June.  A link to the form is provided in the article below.  On registration you will be prompted to enter the BBO username of your partner.  There will also be a pop-up asking for your ‘player number’.  This is your masterpoint number and it is not obligatory, although perhaps helpful, to provide it as players’ BBO names will be associated wth their MP number external to BBO for the purpose of awarding Black points on the club scale.  

To purchase BBO$, at parity with US$, use the following link Buy BBO$   Be aware that other routes to purchase may incur additional charges.

To register for the event log on to BBO and navigate to: Featured Areas/Virtual Clubs/SBU/Tuesday MP Pairs.  Simply click on the event line and register anytime from two hours beforehand up to the start time of 7pm.

If you need more help then read theĀ Guide for New Users