Rennie Mixed Pairs

Dear Members,

This is a reminder that the Rennie Trophy tournament will take place on Saturday at 7pm on BBO.

This is an SBU North event for mixed pairs and the trophy itself was left by George Rennie after the death of his wife Freda. Originally for married couples but changed at some time in the past to mixed pairs as there were not enough married couples to form a reasonable tournament.

George and Freda would get into lively arguments at the bridge table but were a devoted couple away from the table.

I hope that you will consider entering.  Cost will be 5 $BBO.  We shall play 18 boards.

If you would like us to do some matchmaking we will try to find you compatible partners. Contact either Anne, Doris, Loraine or Fumi.

It is so sad that we are having to play this online as it is normally a fun evening with a lovely buffet.

Entries to or on the day.