We mourn the loss of our friend and Honorary Member of The Bridge Club, Aberdeen.  Gibby died on 16 Sep 2021 aged 83 and leaves us with many fond memories of a quite exceptional person.

Gibby’s impact on Bridge in Aberdeen was felt in his playing the game, organising and strengthening the club and teaching both children and adults.  In all of these, but especially in teaching, he was joined by his late wife Sally.  Together they built up a cogent series of lessons and these materials are still in use today […READ MORE]


A message and invitation from SBU North District

This is an 18 board pairs charity tournament which will take place on Wednesday 8th of September at 7.00pm.

This charity event will be hosted by Anne Brodie Allan on BBO.

North District wishes to invite anyone who wishes to attend from non affiliated clubs to enter. You do not have to be a subscribed SBU member to take part.

If you wish to learn your way round the BBO site we can help with this at a special session on the 1st of September.

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