Bridge Base Online – Guide

Message sent by Anne Coles

SBU has now signed an agreement with BBO to run a Pay Club on their platform.

Within this overarching club individual clubs are invited to set up online. This will enable them to run their own pay tournaments and generate income.  The platform should be more stable as Pay Clubs are given priority and events can be run at a time to suit the club.

We are hoping to stick to the Mempad Club abbreviations but BBO have the final say on this.  For example we hope that Aberdeen would be SBU_N_ABE

It is also planned to set up district clubs so that smaller clubs could play in local district events 

To answer a few comments questions:

  • Tournaments will be chargeable as set by the club.  BBO give a minimum registration fee of 3BBO$ for up to 18 boards and 5BBO$ for 19 and up
  • Income will be split 70% to the club and 30% to BBO.  This will tail to 50-50 in September.
  • Directors will be needed and will not be playing directors as is the case in many clubs.  They are paid or not at the club’s discretion.
  • If a club does not have a trained director then they can hire one, in theory from anywhere in the world.  However we do hope to train at least one director in each district in the new future.
  • A variety of pairs tournaments can be set up and scored in different ways.  Teams require a bit of work which is being looked into.
  • Black points will be awarded on the club scale 
  • Registration and payment for events will be via BBO in BBO$.

Please let me know if your club is interested in this initiative.

Best wishes


Please find attached a brief guide on how to purchase BBO$ from Anne Brodie-Allan

When you register and your login to BBO (BridgeBaseOnline) this is the page you arrive on.

On the top right-hand side, you will see your login name (anba is there just now) and to the left of that you will see BB$.

Click on that icon and fill in either credit card details or PayPal and within 30 secs of the completed transaction you will get confirmation from BBO that you have done so.

Also, you should get into your email another confirmation that you have bought them.

It really is as simple as that.

All the best