SBU Red Point events on Saturday 24th of April

Dear Members,

There are several red pointed events to suit your level which are taking place this Saturday. These are pairs competitions.

Firstly the Kennedy which is for Novice and Club masters.  Begins at 11 am playing 24 boards and costs $8 BBO . 

Secondly is the Johnston which is for Local and District masters.  Begins at 11 am playing  28 boards and costs $9 BBO.

Thirdly is the Jesner which is for Masters and Senior masters.  Begins at 11 am playing 32 boards with a 60 minute break and costs $10 BBO.

Fourthly is the Fairlie for Regional, Scottish and National masters.  Begins at 11 am playing 48 boards with a 90 minute break and costs $15 BBO.

Fifthly is the Bowman which is for Life and Senior Life masters.  Begins at 11 am playing 48 boards with a 90 minute break and costs  $15 BBO.

Finally is the Arthur which is for Grand Masters.  Begins at 11 am playing 48 boards with a 90 minute break and costs $15 BBO.

To register in any of these events please click on the calendar link to SBU, then click on the competition which suits your ranking.

So far the only empty list is for the Kennedy for our Novice and Club masters so why not give it a try as it is a chance to get your foot on the rung of the ladder and win red points?

The link is:


Education  Convener

Rennie Mixed Pairs

Dear Members,

This is a reminder that the Rennie Trophy tournament will take place on Saturday at 7pm on BBO.

This is an SBU North event for mixed pairs and the trophy itself was left by George Rennie after the death of his wife Freda. Originally for married couples but changed at some time in the past to mixed pairs as there were not enough married couples to form a reasonable tournament.

George and Freda would get into lively arguments at the bridge table but were a devoted couple away from the table.

I hope that you will consider entering.  Cost will be 5 $BBO.  We shall play 18 boards.

If you would like us to do some matchmaking we will try to find you compatible partners. Contact either Anne, Doris, Loraine or Fumi.

It is so sad that we are having to play this online as it is normally a fun evening with a lovely buffet.

Entries to or on the day.

Success News – Peggy Bayer Five Nations Junior Camrose

I am very pleased to share the news that our Junior Peggy Bayer Team of under 20s, which included John Russell and Jamie Day from Aberdeen , came second behind England in this competition.  They played very well the whole weekend,  leading on Friday night, then going down to second whilst battling a very strong England team in the final stanza.  Despite a strong comeback from Ireland, they held on to second place.