New Club BBO Tournament on Tuesday

There is a new tournament of 18 boards on BBO starting next Tuesday, the 20th October, starting at 7 pm with a fee of 2.00 BB$ per person.

Members who want to take part will need to send their BBO names to the club secretary, Fumi, so that their names are registered as being eligible to enter the tournament.

President’s Update September 2020

Dear Friends,

The online season has started properly with the Cameron being played for on Monday evenings with around nine tables, and Nova has also started on Mondays at 7.15 with around six tables.  In addition, Fumi is running a friendly tournament on Thursday evenings, and this seems to be doing well.  However, we have so far been unable to get the Tuesday night tournament started. 

Anne has kindly offered to help us get started, but we do need to get some more tournament directors trained, as Anne needs a break, and with a club this size, we should be able to find four or five people who would be willing to undertake directing duties once or twice a month.  So, I appeal to you all to consider whether this is something you could do, and if interested, please contact Fumi who will give you some more information on what it entails and who to contact for training.

In other news, I should like to thank all those who took the time to respond to my questionnaire at the end of the last update.  I have collated all the responses, and these have been passed on to the rest of the committee for their input.  Once this is done, I will report back to you all, but I can say that the overwhelming consensus is that the club should not open at the moment, even if we could legally.  If you would still like to send in your answers, I would be happy to include them, as long as they arrive by 10th October, as we are aiming to get the Autumn Newsletter out soon after that.  Speaking of which…

Fumi, Zibby and myself are busy working on the next newsletter. We are going to try a new format, one which we hope will be easier to collate.  We are currently looking for news to include, and I invite you to send any news items or snippets of interest to Fumi by 10th October.

Membership Matters:  just a gentle reminder that subs are now due and are £5 plus your £10 SBU sub, if applicable. Happily, we have had a good uptake so far, but some people have chosen not to renew until the club reopens.  We don’t want to lose contact with these people, so the committee decided to introduce a ‘Suspended Membership’ category so they will be retained on our list unless they ask us to remove their names from our database.  They will continue to receive Newsletters and updates, and can, of course, renew their membership at any time.

At our recent meeting, we reluctantly said ‘Goodbye’ to Ian Parkinson who resigned as a trustee.  He and Delyth are moving to the Edinburgh area at the end of October, and we can’t underestimate the power of work Ian has put into constitutional matters over the years, and Delyth has put into the accounts.  We shall miss them, but wish them well.

Ian’s departure means that we need a new Trustee, so I am asking you all to think about whether you would like to get involved more in running the club.  All the main roles on the committee are currently filled, so any new Trustee would be joining in a supporting capacity, but there are always opportunities to get more involved.  It would be lovely if someone from Nova, Tuesday or Thursday nights would put their name forward, as we are aware that they sometimes feel overlooked, so please give it some thought if you are from one of those groups.  Fumi or myself, or any other Trustee will be happy to answer any questions you may have.