Every Saturday Evening at 7pm for 7 Weeks Starting 13th June on BBO

This new online event is a continuation of an initiative by Harry Smith. All those who are members of the SBU are invited to enter Registration up to 2 hours prior to the event in the SBU Virtual Club on BBO.

Format for each event:
• 4 rounds of 6 boards scored in IMPs converted, post event, to VPs
• Open to all, every and any Saturday, stand-ins will be online to make up a half table
• The sum of the six best scores will determine the winning pair after week 7
• Black masterpoints will be awarded on the club scale
• Entry fee: 4BBO$ pp for each tournament payable online at registration
• Although unlikely, BBO Swiss software does not prevent pairs with similar scores playing
each other more than once in the same tournament
• Initial seating in each tournament will be randomly assigned
• Overall scores may include 9VPs per match for up to 2 missed tournaments in the first 3
weeks, or in any week for ‘stand-ins’ who are not called to play

All proceeds will be used to train online directors for SBU Affiliated Clubs wishing to run their own tournaments.

Further details for those new to BBO will be available on the SBU website. This is a ‘restricted entry event’ and all those interested MUST fill out the online form to register their BBO username with SBU. See SBU Homepage.