How to add BBO names to MEMPAD

A) Go to Mempad ( ) and log in. [If you have forgotten your password for Mempad, or think you never had one, then follow the “Forgotten password” routine]
B) On the home screen there are several big blue ‘tabs’, click on the one named “MY CONTACTS”.
C) On the next screen, underneath the title “My Details” there is an “EDIT” tab, click it.
D) You now have a screen entitled “Edit My Details”. Scroll more than half way down until you come to a column of six similar boxes. The first one is labelled “BBO USERNAME”. Fill in your BBO username, but please avoid adding extra spaces at the beginning or end.

Click on the “SAVE” button, and you are done.For those who have difficulty with MEMPAD, the home club secretary should be able to help or email