Dear members,

During the past few weeks many websites have been attacked by a robot, with malicious code that was transferring you to an adware sites. This now has been cleared but all users have to deleted the browser cookies and reset their antivirus software before entering the website again (e-mails have been sent).

Please note that all passwords and logins will be deleted so perhaps it would be good to take a note before doing so.


The Psychology of Bridge – Sunday, 27th October at 1:30 pm

Dear Members,

The board of the Bridge Club is hoping to help Antoni (founder of our Aberdeen University Bridge Club) with his studies. Antoni is a psychology undergraduate and a promising junior player ready to represent Scotland in the under 25 age group.

Antoni wishes to conduct a study for his final year thesis about how we bridge players experience the game.

Please read his poster and if you are free on Sunday 27th October at 1.30 for a couple of hours he would be incredibly grateful for your support.

He is looking for 40 volunteers.

Antoni since his time in Aberdeen has done a great deal to support Scottish Bridge. I hope you can help this admirable young person pursue his academic career. Please get in touch with him to let him know you wish to take part.

Thanking you as always for your kind attention.


Bronze Pairs Saturday, 2nd November 2019 at 1.30 pm

Dear All

After a very successful national win by Sandy Taylor and Gordon Hay in the Diamond Senior National pairs our next national competition is for we lesser mortals (who make up the vast majority of bridge players in Scotland). We hope for continuing success. You have to be a player below the rank of regional master.

I do hope you will consider joining us at the Bridge Club for this
event. Cost £8.00 with £5.00 going to SBU.

Kind regards,